Academic work

Here I publish some papers I have written. I hope they may be of help to fellow academics or other people who are interested in psychology. Feel free to use them as long as you give credit and send me a piece of your work.

Human Factors (Master’s thesis):
Applying Models for Safety Climate on Rail Traffic Management
University of Oslo, May 2011. Grade: A.
Validation of theoretical framework for safety climate in a new industry.

Human Factors (theoretical research paper):
Situation Awareness: A Scientifically Viable Construct?“,
University of Oslo, December 2009.
A part of my theoretical preparation for the Master’s Thesis

Social Psychology (BA thesis, my most popular paper so far):
Self-Presentation in Light of Facebook“,
University of Oslo, December 2007. Grade: A.
Abstract and more information here.

Prosjektforum (applied, multi-disciplinary research project):
UiO: Best, men ingen vet det (Norwegian)“,
University of Oslo, May/June 2010. Grade: Pass.
A study on how the University of Oslo can improve its reputation among
high school pupils and current students. Written together with 4 other students.

Health Psychology (term paper):
Preventing School Shootings in a European Environment“,
University of Jyväskylä, June 2008. Grade: A.
After the Jokela shootings, but before the one in Kauhajoki.

The Psychology of Genocide:
3 hours long pscyhology course for secondary school pupils
To read more and order the course, check out Zadeco’s website.

Organizational Psychology (BA thesis):
Leading for Change: Combining Vision with Situational Leadership“,
University of Oslo, December 2008. Grade: B


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